Bitmax Exchange, How to trade on Bitmax Exchange register bitmax accont, What’s Bitmax, What’s BTMX Token, deposit crypto to bitmax, trading coin on Bitmax

How to trade on Bitmax Exchange

This article will show you how to trade on Bitmax exchange, it's all register bitmax accont, deposit crypto to bitmax and trading coin on Bitmax
How to trade on Bitmax exchange
How to trade on Bitmax exchange

What’s Bitmax Exchange

BitMax is the industry leading digital asset trading platform that provides a broad range of products and services to global clients.
This exchange charges a flat fee of 0.04% per trade. This is a very competitive fee, especially considering that the global industry average is arguably around 0.25% (more than 6 times higher)

What’s BTMX Token !?

The native digital cryptographically-secured utility token of BitMax (BTMX) is a major component of the ecosystem on BitMax, and is designed to be used solely as the primary token on the platform. BTMX will initially be issued by the Distributor as ERC-20 standard compliant digital tokens on the Ethereum blockchain… (Like BNB on Binance, KCS on Kucoin…)
BTMX Token Prices 22/4/2019
If you want invest to Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on Bitmax, you need sign up account, complete KYC V2, have BTMX Position ≥10000 (including pending unlock from private sale).
Sign up Bitmax account
Step 1: Click and fill your Email.
Register account on Bitmax
Register account on Bitmax
By pass verification
Resolve images verification
Step 2: Check email, get code and Sign up
Register bitmax account with your information

Enable 2FA – Google Authenticator on Bitmax

You can’t deposit asset without Enable 2FA, Download and install Google Authenticator. >> Guide here <<
Complete Identity Verification with ID or Passport
Deposit asset to Bitmax
Click [My Asset], choose [Deposit], select the token you would like to deposit
Select the token you would like to deposit and click Deposit 
Trade on Bitmax, it's simple like trade on Binance, click How to trade on Binance Exchange
Bitmax exchange

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