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Make money by Copy Trading

This artile about make money by invest to copy trade, it will help you get extra income without trading knowledge
Make money by Copy Trading

What is copy trading?

It’s a simple concept – whenever an professional trader opens a trade in their trading account, your account will automatically open that trade too.

For example… Let’s pretend there is a professional trader – we’ll call him Steve. Steve spends his days analysing markets to see which assets will be worth more in the future. He buys the asset (lets say Apple shares) at a low price, and sells them at a higher price in the future. This is how Steve earns a living.
How does copy trading work
How does copy trading work
With Copy Trading, every time the professional trader, Steve, makes a trade, a similar trade will be opened under your account too.

All this works Automatically. Thanks to the advent of Copy Trading platforms like eToro, you don’t need to manually copy trades. You simply “copy” a the trader, and now their trades will be mirrored to your account. So whenever Steve makes a profit, your account will too.

The Advantages of Copy Trading

Although copy trading is a relatively new concept, the advantages are already well proven. During the Brexit event, the majority of etoro investors made a profit, even though the world markets were wiped out.

Here are just some of the advantages of copy trading:

  • You’ll learn about trading – The best way to learn about investing and trading is by watching an expert. With copy trading you’ll see first hand how a guru trader works. The best traders on etoro, often share why they’ve made certain trades to help educate you.
  • Diversification – If you copy trade 5 people on etoro, and say each of these 5 people have opened 10 trades. You now have a portfolio with over 50 positions. Copy Trading helps diversify your investments. All you have to do is ensure you’ve copied top performing investors.
  • Beginner Friendly – Manually opening and closing positions requires a lot of experience in investing. It takes years of learning to be able to consistently profit from trading. Copy trading allows you to tap into this knowledge without needing to know a lick about trading.

How to make money from copy trade

First at all, you must have Bitcoin or USDT or ETH or… for Invest to trader

Step 1: Sign up account

Regiter account at Let Me Trade or BingBon with your email or Phone number

+ Let Me Trade home page:

+ BingBon home page:

Register account let me trade with Email or Phone Number
Step 2: Login and Complete KYC

After Sign in, click to Your Account name.

Click Indentity
Verify account with your ID, Driver lic…
Step 3: Deposit Bitcoin or USDT
Click ME and Deposit
Choose Crypto currencies for your Invest

Ex: I want to invest My USDT, i click USDT and Copy Deposit Address
Deposit USDT to LMT for copy trade
Sent USDT from your wallet to Deposit Address
Sent USDT to Deposit address
Deposit usdt successful

Step 4 – Invest to trader (Important).

This is important step, it will help you get extra income or lost your money

LetMetrade, Binbon with show you list best trader with high profit. You can review trader’s profile and copy they.
LMT will show you the top trader with high profit
Click one of top trader, fill $ for Invest and Start Copy Trading
Setting copy trading
Follow Amount (50$): When your trader close position with 20% profit, you will earn 20% frofit on 50$ – copy trading fee


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